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Your city, your hood, keep moving, live good!

Street Points is something of a scavenger hunt, a running game in which we animate our neighborhood, discover new places and people and improve our health.

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Collect points and win!

Search and run against others! - This is how it works: At the beginning of the game you will receive a gaming card and a city map marked with the locations of the so-called "street points" . Whenever you run from one street point to another, you will receive points for the distance you left behind. Once you have discovered a street point, you just have to hold your card in front of the device and your points will be credited to you.
The goal of the game is to collect as many points and kilometers as possible. Friends, siblings, parents and grandparents can join you in collecting points. You can also organize into teams (school classes, groups) and aim for victory together. That's how a whole neighborhood gets moving! Here, on, you can find an overview of which street-points you have already discovered and how many points you have collected so far. You can also see which place you currently stand on. Together, we enliven our neighborhood, get to know all corners and other people and live healthier lives.

Locations of active games

In the map you see the locations of Street-Points. You can filter by a city or a game.

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Die Teilnahme ist für dich kostenlos!
Du hast die Möglichkeit dich zu registrieren und deine genauen Spielstände anzusehen, du kannst aber auch ohne Registrierung mitspielen und für dein Team Punkte sammeln!

Wird ein Spiel gestartet, werden die Spielkarten bei den zuständigen Betreibern, Organisationsbüros oder einfach in den Schulen ausgegeben. Informationen zu den Spielzeiten, Spielorten und den zu gewinnenden Preisen werden über die jeweiligen regionalen Betreibern bekannt gemacht.


Participation is always free. Once a game is started, the gaming cards are distributed by team leaders or teachers in participating schools. Informations about game schedules, locations and prices will be published by local organizers.